Dance Evolution

Evolve Your Own Dancers Interactively

Created By: Greg Dubbin, Jeff Balogh, Michael Do,
and Kenneth O. Stanley

(c) 2007 Evolutionary Complexity Research Group at the University of Central Florida

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Winner of the Best Student Video Award at the AAAI-07 AI Video Competion


Dance Evolution is a game that allows you to evolve your ideal troupe of dancers. When the music plays, your dancers will start moving to the beat. You choose the dancers you like the best, and the rest will start to follow their lead.

You can train them to your favorite MIDI files so you are not limited to the included set of songs.

How It Works

The dancers learn through interactive neuroevolution to create your favorite moves. You pick which one you like the best, and then decide whether you want to use mutation or crossover to evolve the next set of dancers. It's simple and fun, and you can save good dancers for later and share them with your friends.

Video Samples

Quick Dance Sample

Full Length Explanation