The drum tracks in the following 24 MIDI music files were generated by NEAT Drummer and discussed in the Connection Science Special Issue on Music, Brain, & Cognition paper, Exploiting Functional Relationships In Musical Composition.

Johnny Cope (depicted in figure 5):

Additional Johnny Cope Example:

Oh! Susanna (depicted in figure 6):

Additional Oh! Susanna Example:

Oh! Dem Golden Slippers (depicted in figure 7):

Additional Oh! Dem Golden Slippers Example:

From Complex Conductor (depicted in figure 8):

Interactive Evolutionary Computation NEAT Test Results (depicted in figure 10):

Targeted NEAT Test Results (depicted in figure 11):

Targeted NEAT Test Results (depicted in figure 12):

Special thanks to Barry Taylor for granting special permission to utilize his own MIDI productions of folk music in this work. Barry Taylor orginally sequenced both Johnny Cope, Oh!Susanna, and Oh!Dem Golden Slippers (without percussion).

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